When I first read an interpretation of the pre-biblical epic poem of Gilgamesh – some of the world’s oldest literature -I could scarcely believe what I was reading.  Though this poem pre-dates the Old Testament, having circulated in  Abraham’s country of Mesopotamia in the second millennium BC, it nevertheless contains almost all the constituents of the Genesis myth of Adam and Eve.

Here is the creation of a man fashioned – as was Adam – from damp clay.  He lived naked with the animals, as did Adam, until joined by a naked female.  The poem also records the first man to enter the garden paradise, and mentions a serpent with a human head, known as lord of the Tree of Life.

When the Genesis story is seen in the light of its origins it becomes clear that this marvellous myth-history deserves its place in Genesis, but has long been misinterpreted in terms of literal truth in the Judaic/Christian traditions of monotheism.  In other words Eve did not bring sin into the world, but something of inspirational value and of far greater importance to the human race.

Are there any Eve’s out there who would like to know more of the original story of our ancestral female?


About evewasaheroine

Author of two works of non-fiction. Eden: The Buried Treasure is a new interpretation of the beautiful Genesis creation story of Adam and Eve made from the unorthodox standpoint of a Unitarian. This shows how the pre-biblical story of the first man in the garden paradise had nothing to do with the origin of sin.
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